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Deepanjali Chowdhury

Howdy! I’m Deepanjali (also go by Deepa). I’m a senior electrical engineering major who will serve as President for Fall 2023! My interests are in battery technology and photovoltaics with plans to get a Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering. I’m so excited to get to know y’all and can’t wait for the events this year in HKN!

Deva Issa
Vice President

Howdy! My name is Deva Issa and I’m serving as HKN’s Vice President for the Fall 2023 semester. I’m a senior in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and an interest in Biomedical imaging and medical device engineering. I’m currently serving as a research assistant in the Embedded Signal Processing lab under Dr. Roozbeh Jafari. I’m very excited to introduce our new project this year and look forward to meeting all our new members!

Hafsa Bokhari

Howdy! My name is Hafsa Bokhari. I’m a senior Electrical Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics and Spanish and I will be your Secretary for the Fall 2023 semester! I interned with Texas Instruments this past summer working in Quality Reliability & Assurance. I am thrilled to be a part of such a great organization and am looking forward to being your secretary this year! 

Isidora Wright

Howdy! My name is Isidora Wright. I am a senior in Computer Engineering and I will be the Treasurer for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024! I am very excited to get to know everyone and have an exciting year in HKN!

Corporate Chairs
Eddie Vilegas

Howdy! My name is Eddie, and I am serving as Co-Corporate Chair for HKN fall 2023 term! I am a junior Electrical Engineering major with a minor in mathematics looking to graduate Spring 2025. This summer I am completing an internship with ExxonMobil as an Instrumentation and Controls engineer as I continue to strengthen my interests within the Oil and Gas industry! I am proud to serve HKN as I am looking forward to the career advancements our members and candidates will have this next semester!

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Mohammad Rafay

Howdy! My name is Mohammad, and I am a Co-Corporate Chair of HKN for Fall 2023! I am a Computer Engineering major in the Class of 2025. I’m interested in working in the software engineering or data science field post-graduation. This past summer I interned at the Texas Department of Transportation as a Cybersecurity Engineer. I look forward to getting to know you all! 

Service Chair
Aidan Cisneros

Howdy! My name is Aidan Cisneros and I will be acting as service chair for the coming semester. I am a junior Computer Engineering major with interests in both software and hardware avenues. This past summer I interned at ExxonMobil working with GitHub and Microsoft Azure among other tools. Hope to meet you all at our events this year!

Social Chair
Brandon Cisneros

Howdy everyone, my name is Brandon Cisneros!  I am a junior majoring in Computer Engineering, and I will serve as Social Chair this semester!  I have a passion for both software design and computer hardware.  This past summer, I interned with ExxonMobil in the High Performance Computing department, which proved to be a happy combination of both things.  I am excited to meet everyone this semester!

Adam Vick

HOWDY AGS! My name is Adam Vick, Computer Engineering Major, Mathematics Minor, Underwater basket weaving enjoyer, and most importantly, Webmaster of HKN! As Webmaster, I plan on keeping the site spick and span for all to enjoy! If you see this, make sure to say "Hi!" to me at the events!

Project Team Lead
Hayden Sipple

Kevin (Hayden) is a graduate student studying Electrical Engineering and Engineering Management. He has previously worked with the Hardware Security lab (SETH) under Dr. JV. His interests reside in Motors, Power Systems, Energy Security, and Interdisciplinary Cyber Security. As Project Lead, he plans to make sure everyone has a chance to participate and be an integrated part of our prestigious organization by offering a project allowing students to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom further enriching their education.

Ass T. Lead
Assistant Team Lead 
Paymon Forough

Howdy! My name is Paymon Forough and I’m a senior Electrical Engineering major and Assistant Project Lead for HKN! I am interested in hardware and power technology and have a power internship lined up for this summer with LCRA. I cannot wait to work with our members to tackle the projects we have next year and learn together!


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