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Tyler is an electrical engineer, class of 2021, with an interest in power systems and electronics. As President of HKN it is Tyler's goal along with the help of the other officers to promote professional accomplishment, service, and development for students and professionals in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and other related fields of interest.

Tyler Haskins
Thang Nguyen

Thang is majoring in electrical engineering, class of 2022. His areas of focus are Electrical Power Systems and Informational Science. His goal is to create a welcome environment for everyone to express their thoughts and feelings. He believes persevering through any obstacles with a positive attitude can lead a person to success. His personal quote is,” Life is so short, so smile when you have teeth, and why stop when you have none.”


Mustafa is an electrical engineering student from Cypress, TX, class of 2022. His focus is IT infrastructure and operations space with an interest in cyber security. Some of his hobbies are stock trading, working out, and hiking. Mustafa's goal going into this year as the secretary is to assist the officer team with planning and to keep track of our goals.

Mustafa Peatiwala
Tom Hermes

Tom is an electrical engineer, class of 2022. In his free time he enjoys swimming, playing baseball, golfing, and traveling to new and fun places. He looks forward to starting a career in the energy industry; specifically the controls, instrumentation, and power fields. He has an orange tabby cat named Sunny Peaches. On the weekends he likes to visit his family outside of Houston, cruise around Galveston Bay on jet skis, barbecue, and hunt at his family's farm in South Texas.


Nick is an electrical engineer major, class of 2023. His areas of focus include biomedical technologies along with micro/nano systems. Some of his interests are working out, cooking, and meeting new people. As corporate chair, his goal this semester is to foster professional development of electrical and computer engineering majors through various events such as resume workshops, corporate talks, and networking.

Nick Farrell
Saini Ye

Saini is a computer engineering major class of 2023. Her interests are in circuit and chip design, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi for hardware, and UI/UX for software. Her hobbies include some baking, hiking and listening to music during her free time. As service chair, she will be looking for service opportunities in our campus and some others around the College Station and Bryan area.


Kevin (Hayden) is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics, Cybersecurity, and Engineering Management.  He worked with the Hardware Security lab (SETH) under Dr. JV and recently began working with TAMU Robomasters. His interests reside in Hardware Security, Power Systems, Energy Security, and Interdisciplinary Cyber Security. As social chair, he plans to make sure everyone has a chance to participate and be an integrated part of our prestigious organization.

Hayden Sipple
Thien Nguyen

Thien is a computer engineering major class of 2021.  His areas of interest are software development, cloud computing, and database systems. In his leisure time, Thien enjoy playing and watching soccer. As an IT/Webmaster chair, he will be working with Phu to maintain our online presence and redesign our chapter website.


Phu (Jack) is a computer science major class of 2023 .  His focus areas are in full-stack development, database systems, and machine learning. His hobbies include cooking, hiking, and stargazing. As assistant webmaster, his goal is to initialize new social media channels for engagement, ensure that members have the most up-to-date information, and learn how to redesign the chapter website.

Phu Nguyen
Aaron Colchado

Aaron is a senior in Electrical Engineer, class of 2022. His focus is in power, but he also has experience in project engineering, microcontrollers, and quality assurance. Besides school, his hobbies include painting, exercising, watching anime, and reading books. As project lead this year, his hope is to give members the opportunity to be a part of a team that makes a project that tests their skills as engineers while also allowing them to grow as people.


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Hamza Issa
Ruben Mendoza

What is your story?

Ask about becoming an HKN officer!!