Would you like to get your hands dirty and work on a Micromouse project? HKN IEEE offers its students a chance to work on a project that does not only enable them to get an idea of what senior design consists of, but also allows them to gain skills in the field.


Description : 

A micromouse is a small robot which is placed at the corner of a maze and is tasked to reach the center as efficiently as possible


Project Specifications:

  •  Main Microcontroller: Arduino Uno programmed using Arduino/C++

  •  Control system: Ardumoto Shield

  •  Main Sensors: 3 Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F Analog Distance Sensors


The project consists of four main subdivisions:

  • Proximity Sensors-

    • Calibrate Sensor and identify thresholds for voltage

    • Create a C++/Arduino file to read the sensor values

  • Motors/Wheels

    • Motor control file creation

    • Establish connections to Arduino 

  • Chassis design

    • Create a design to 3D print

  • Maze solving algorithm implementation

    • Implement the flood fill algorithm 

    • Call other subsystems using C++/Arduino code


This project is a great opportunity for you to build your skills and learn outside of class. For more information on how to join, what the project consists of, and what it takes. Please contact our HKN projects chair, Lorenzo  Delcroix at


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